separatore onda


separatore onda


UV ray ageing high resistance white neopentilic gelcoat. Handmade stratification with different mats placed and pressured separately by using high mechanical performance steel rolls and resins.
Bottom and sides made of plastic reinforced by incorporated fibreglass with cross and longitudinal reinforcements made of the same material and foam core. Motor blocks and floors made of sea-plywood coated with plastic reinforced by incorporated fibreglass. Deck made of laminated plastic reinforced by incorporated fibreglass, with mats, with “termanto” sandwich and screwing and reinforcements parts made of sea-plywood. There are no contraindications, as to osmosis, for the hull made of plastic reinforced by incorporated fibreglass to stay underwater.

Hull and deck equipment
Plexiglas windscreen, no. 3 bollards, no. 1 gas oil embark point, no. 1 water embark point, aluminium saddle tank and PVC profile, primer and anti-vegetation, navigation lights, aluminium and plexiglas door to get the cabin, hatches to get the afterpeak and the engine room, cockpit lighting, bathing platform with cold shower, folding stainless steel bathing ladder, 220V socket.

Steering position, steering wheel, mono-lever for gas and reversing, switches, navigation lights, bilge pump/s. Magnetic compass, engine/s board.

Floor with moquette, lights with glass protection, curtains, side walls covering with plastic reinforced by incorporated fiberglass, no. 2 V-shaped mattresses, clock and barometer.

Electric equipment
Steering board and for rooms next to the steering position, anti-fire electric cables in auto-extinguishing sheaths, electric board for rooms with switches and fuses, voltmeter/s with rooms/engines commutator, engine/s starting key, engine/s stop button, bulge pump/s manual control switches, horn control switch, battery stopper, 200 Ah engine/s and room start battery.

Equipment and main accessories
Mechanic steering compartment, no. 1 stainless steel tank with settler cock, no. 1 12V autoclave pump for water, no. 1 bilge pump.


technical features

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The total and complete customization makes Dellapasqua one of the few boatyards to design and build tailor-made boats, making them unique and guaranteeing a constructive quality studied right down to the smallest detail.