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DC16 Elite

separatore onda


UV ray ageing high resistance white neopentilic gelcoat. Handmade stratification with different mats placed and pressured separately by using high mechanical performance steel rolls and resins. Bottom and sides made of plastic reinforced by incorporated fibreglass with cross and longitudinal reinforcements made of the same material and foam core. Motor blocks and floors made of sea-plywood coated with plastic reinforced by incorporated fibreglass. Deck made of laminated plastic reinforced by incorporated fibreglass, with mats, with "termanto" sandwich and screwing and reinforcements parts made of sea-plywood. There are no contraindications, as to osmosis, tor the hull made of plastic reinforced by incorporated fibreglass to stay underwater.

Hull and deck equipment
Peak for chain of m WOO and 8 mm diameter, lenders, CQR-type anchor, stainless steel pillar, 1000W winch with bell and foot-control, foresundeck, tempered crystal windows with baked varnish aluminium frame, windscreen cover, electric windscreen wipers with stainless steel arms and washers with fresh water, no. 8 stainless steel bollards, no. 4 stainless steel fairleads, no. 1 gas oil embark point, no. 1 water embark point, stainless steel grab rod, stainless steel deck and flying bridge pulpit, varnish aluminium saddle tank and PVC profile, primer and anti-vegetation, navigation lights, stainless steel 2-shutter door to get the saloon, hatch to get the stern peak and the engine room, cockpit lighting, bathing platform with hot and cold shower, manual bath ladder, 220V socket, varnish steel and teak hydraulic gangway teak cockpit floor and bathing platform.

Wooden floor, halogen lights with glass protection, curtains, wooden furniture, fabric or skay sofa, dinette, wooden dinner table and small table, no. 2 loudspeakers, steering position, electric boards, stairs to the night-time area, skay ceilings, sliding hard top with electric movement, skay and wood side walls covering, clock and barometer, no. 1 fridge.

Hob with 3 gas burners or 2 burners glass ceramic, microwave oven, round sink, no. 2 fridges, no. 124/220Vsocket, hot/warm water mixer, wooden floor, halogen spotlights, various shelves and drawers.

Shipowner's fore cabin
Double bed with chest of drawers, mattress, pillows and bedcover, two bedhead spotlights, wardrobe, various drawers and spaces, lights, moquette, bedhead mirror, curtains, no. 2 stainless steel portholes, walk-way with shading device, access to private bathroom, no. 124/220Vsocket, air-conditioning control, wooden doors, ceiling and walls covered with wood and skay.

Guest cabin (1)
Wardrobe, various drawers, no. 2 twin beds, mattresses, pillows and bedcovers, no. 1 stainless steel porthole, moquette, no. 2 lights for reading, curtain, no. 124/220V socket, door.

Guest cabin (2)
Wardrobe, various drawers, no. 1 double bed near the wall, mattresses, pillows and bedcovers, no. 1 stainless steel porthole, moquette, no. 1 light for reading, curtain, no. 1 24/220Vsocket, door.

Shipowner's fore cabin - Bathroom
Direct access to the cabin, electric ceramic toilet connected with black water tank, no. 1 washbasin with mixer, shower box with mixer, no 1 stainless steel porthole with curtain, soap dish, glass holder, towel stand, clothes hook, 24/220V socket.

Guest cabin - Bathroom
Access to the corridor, electric ceramic toilet bowl connected with black water tank, no. 1 washbasin with pull-out shower-mixer soap dish, glass holder, towel stand, clothes hook, 24/220V socket. DC 16 can have another separate room as shower with access from the corridor.

Engine room and peak
Hatch to enter the cockpit, hatch to enter the stern peak and related seaman's cabin. Engine gas exhausting system under the sea level, no. 2 sea water plugs with 2 filters, puddening axle seal, automatic extinguisher, battery charger slot, 301 220 V boiler, autoclave expansion tank, generator.

Electric equipment
Steering board and for rooms next to the steering position, anodic protection for all metallic parts subject to galvanic corrosion, mass system, 24/220V sockets in all the rooms, electric cables only with anti-fire sheath, electric board for rooms with magnetothermic switches, voltmeter with rooms/engines commutator, no. 1 alternator ammeter with rooms/engines commutator, no. 1 battery charger DC ammeter, no. 1 consumption absorption DC ammeter, 220V AC voltmeter, no. 2 engine starting keys, no. 2 engine starting buttons, no. 4 engine stop buttons, no. 4 flap control buttons, no. 2 winch control buttons, no. 2 instrument lights switches, no. 2 windscreen wiper lights switches, no. 1 windscreen wiper button, no. 3 bilge pumps manual control switches, no. 1 shower pump manual control switch, no. 2 horn control switches, boat consumption led synoptic panel, no. 3 battery stoppers, 60k battery charger, no. 2 220 Ah engine start batteries, no. 2 200 Ah batteries for supply in rooms, no. 1 generator battery, 220V AC 50A dock socket in the cockpit with 10 m cable, 30 mA differential magnetothermic switch.

Water system
Water tank, 24Vautoclave with expansion tank, warm and cold water system in all bathrooms and kitchen, 301220V electric boiler, tank with automatic discharging of grey water, wc discharging into the black water tank, manual wc of the seaman's cabin discharging directly into the sea.

Bilge system
No. 3 electropumps, connected to the rooms batteries, that can be operated automatically and manually by means of switches/lights in the steering rooms panel.

Seaman's central cabin
Access to the kitchen by door or curtain, various shelves and drawers, single bed, manual wc. washbasin, no. 1 porthole with curtain.

Seaman's stern cabin
Access from the stern peak, single bed, manual wc, washbasin, no. 1 porthole with curtain.

Equipment and main accessories
Sliding hard top with electric movement. Electronic instruments. Servo-assisted hydraulic steering compartment, no. 2 stainless steel tanks with settler cock, air conditioning, black water system, IS 6 generator, hydraulic gangway fore screw, tv, safety equipment for 12 people including: life raft (6 persons), life jackets, no. 1 round life buoy with floating rope and light buoy without pile, no. 1 box of signal rockets, watch, barometer, medicine box, radar reflector, boat hook, Italian flag, powder extinguisher, no. 6 fenders with rope.


technical features




22,4 t




n° 6/8 Guest cabins +
n° 2/3 bathrooms
n° 2 bed for crew + n°2 bathrooms

EC length:

16,02 mt.

People capacity:

n° 18


4,40 mt

Fuel tank:

1700 lt


CE omologation 1600 HP

Water tank:

850 lt



EC class:





The total and complete customization makes Dellapasqua one of the few boatyards to design and build tailor-made boats, making them unique and guaranteeing a constructive quality studied right down to the smallest detail.

The DC 16 Elite is a boat brimming with personality, flaunting bold dynamic lines that also have a timelessly sober elegance. Its interiors offer complete comfort and its many possibilities for personalisation mean that every boat is unique. The lay-out is made to express personality with a slender line. The big hard top is electric and when it is open allows the entrance of air and light as it were an Open boat.